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We offer a range of consulting services designed to help your company achieve its goals. Whether you're looking for a small improvement, exploring new technology, or a complete strategy to overhaul your business, we can help. Our solutions are personalized to your specific business needs.  We eXecute where others seem to fade away.  Our associates have experience in both high growth environments as well as situations where cost efficiency is paramount. Our varied experience benefits you


Execution provided to professionals that don’t have the staff or time to do it on your own.  We will help you execute the solution to any of your business growth or transformational problems. 


We feel this is the principal problem with the growth of any company.  Everyone has great ideas.  But while the operations of your business seem to consume your day, the growth of your business isn't a priority until it's too late.  At My cXo we make sure that our agreed upon strategy gets accomplished.  We operate as if  your business is our own.  We execute on every project and collaborate with you through the process.  We build and strengthen teams so that we can be stronger and more agile to tackle whatever the obstacles in front of us are.  With combined 100s of years of experience My cXo has resources that have probably seen every situation and can navigate to the goal more efficiently.



Collaboration with professionals to discover opportunities they would like to execute in their business plan.


You are a small to mid-sized business that doesn't want to spend the operating capital hiring a technology team, financial officer, or marketing team. You are the SME (Subject Matter Expert) in your areas. We may have experience in your vertical, but we can't do this alone.  And you shouldn't either.  We work together to accomplish your goals.  We stay together every step of the way because your success is ours.  



Regular scheduled Strategic meetings to make sure we are on target and constantly re-inventing ourselves. 


Where are you going?  How are you going to get there?  We have found the every small to mid-size business owner has a definition of success.  And it always doesn't have to do with the business.  However keeping your focus on your goals is hard as life, and work sometimes get in the way.  Together we will help you define your goals, build your short and long term plan, and keep us moving towards where you want to be.  With regularly scheduled sessions we keep our process simple.  Each session has two parts strategy and execution.  We keep our heads in the clouds and our feel on the ground.   


There is way too much to learn these days, little time to do everything we need to, and there are never enough resources.   Most large companies have a CIO, CFO and CMO and yet they still hire consultants.  We believe that by engaging My cXo we can help you be more agile to run your business and make it more successful.  We help you focus on all aspects of running and growing your business so you don't need to hire an IT staff, a marketing expert or a financial advisor.  What sets us apart of a consulting agency is that we don't leave you.  With us it’s a long term relationship.   We are vested in your success.



“At My cXo, we understand that you are busy running your business.  Finding out what sets you apart from another company is paramount to your success.  That's why all of our engagements are personal and customized.  We are here to help you so you can help yourself, let's meet​"  

My cXo is an agile company.  


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