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Each company is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your business reach its full potential. We deliver custom solutions, tailored to you – your industry, your culture, your unique challenges.
CFP® Growth, Development, more Agile
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We collaborated with a CFP®, firm to help on identify, plan and achieve their yearlong goals to increase business and revenue.  They didn't have the budget for an IT and Marketing Staff, nor did they have the time to manage it.  CXO collaborate with the firm to create an agreed upon strategy and execute that strategy.  The first results were realized in just two weeks. We redesigned the way they work and now co-create programs monthly that My cXo executes so the firm can do what they do best.

Accounting services
Gave me my life back.


Work with a successful accounting firm in the areas of execution and technology.  After expanding their business to handle the payroll for some major companies, the CPA services component of the business was hurting.  Especially during the February to April time frame.  My cXo helped this firm with technology expertise to create a much more efficient business process.  The most successful moment was after the second year of support, we received an overseas call from this business owner, on his first vacation in 5 years, thanking us for giving him his life back.

We can build it too.


This major NY construction company dropped a boat load on a website, social media campaign, and on search engine optimization.  All good products, but there was no plan, strategy or measures of success defined.  Prior to engaging My cXo there was no visible success.  My cXo educated the management of this company and after a short engagement redirected their marketing efforts with a new 6 month strategy.  The results were effective.  We have now built a new marketing and technology strategy for this company and have been successful in helping management grow their business.


Marketing Company
We are not just a pretty face


This marketing company had a major fashion campaign.​ They became extremely well known in a short amount of time.  Little did the world know it was only run by 4 people?  My cXo provided financial services initially to handle the incoming revenue and a re-investment plan to invest back into the company for targeted growth.  They also engaged our CIO services to build out affordable technology platforms to help run their business.  Now My cXo is their primary execution team.  They have grown their internal team by 300%, but continue with My cXo's for all their strategy, financial and execution services. 

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